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New iPod Touch 4G

on 1st sep 2010 Apple launched a new iPod touch 4G ( 4th generation) on his apple event. Which is yet the best iPod ever.

Lets have a look on Apple new magical product iPod Touch 4G.

All new design

First of all lets see its design, New iPod touch is completely re-designed, its only 7.2 millimeter thin with glass surface on front and steel back. Its height is 4.4 inches and width is 2.3 inches.

The weight of new iPod is only 3.56 ounces (101 grams) which is the lightest iPod ever its hard to imagine its weight while holding it that its so light and easy to handle.

Main Features :

Now lets have look on the major features of new iPod Touch.

  • Front face and backward camera
  • Retina Display
  • Apple A4 processor
  • Gyro + Accelerometer.

Two Cameras :New iPod have not 1 but 2 cameras in it one in front and other in back, Front camera is basically for face time on iPod like in iPhone 4 now on iPod we can enjoy face time with our family and friends in our iPod over wifi network, Which is the revolution in iPod. The backward camera support HD video recording (720p) up to 30 frames per second with audio. Also take snaps with it anytime or anywhere in our iPod. We can also upload video on YouTube directly from iPod over wifi network. Camera and face time in iPod is the best thing in new iPod touch in my opinion.

Retina Display :The other main feature in new iPod is Retina display. The highest resolution on any iPod yet. The screen looks really amazing with high and sharp graphics. Retina display’s pixel density is so high that your eye is unable to distinguish individual pixels. With high resolution display we can enjoy web browsing, movies, viewing photos and playing games in HD graphics. Retina display also supports LED backlighting and ambient light sensor that automatically adjusts the brightness of screen for best viewing and for more possible battery life.

Retina display on iPod is great feature.

Apple A4 Processor : The A4 processor is the best thing in iPod ever. Apple A4 processor is remarkably power and fast made by apple engineers. This processor speed up the performance of the device which is great for multitasking, Face time, playing games and more battery life.

Gyro + Accelerometer : This feature is great for gaming experience on iPod. This give you some new moves in playing games. The gyro makes iPod touch capable of advance motion sensing such as user accelerometer, a full 3D attitude and rotation rate. This really will change the gaming experience on iPod touch.

Other features on new iPod Touch: Those few above are the major feature of new iPod touch and some other are

  • Multi touch support
  • 40 hours of music playback time
  • 7 hours of video playback time

Capacity and Price : The iPod Touch will be available next week in 3 different models and prices

16 GB = $229



Please comment about your view on new iPod touch !!!